Joyor S-10S E-Scooter Review

I. General Introduction

Welcome to our unbiased review of the Joyor S-10S Electric Scooter. In this article, we’ll provide you with an honest assessment of its specifications, design, performance, safety features, portability, customer service, and overall value for money. Despite a few minor drawbacks, the Joyor S-10S offers impressive speed and convenience at an affordable price.

II. Product Specifications

The Joyor S-10S boasts a top speed of 40 mph, powered by dual 1000W and 2000W DC brushless motors. It is equipped with high-capacity lithium batteries, allowing riders to cover up to 57.1 miles on a single charge, ensuring a smooth and comfortable journey.

III. Unboxing and Initial Impressions

Upon receiving the scooter, I noticed some minor damage to the packaging, but thankfully, the scooter itself was unharmed. Attaching the handlebars was a straightforward process, albeit with limited instructions. Despite potential challenges in case of a damaged delivery, I was fortunate to set up the scooter promptly, allowing me to enjoy it without delay.

IV. Portability and Convenience

The Joyor S-10S is relatively lightweight and designed with features that facilitate easy transportation. While it may take some initial effort to fold with one hand, it becomes more intuitive with practice. The secure front lock adds an extra layer of safety.

As you push the front with two hands simultaneously, you will be able to lock the mechanism into place. It will begin to give after a few repetitions.

V. Design and Build Quality

The scooter’s sleek design promises an exhilarating ride, though it’s best suited for urban streets rather than rugged terrain. It offers IPX4 water resistance, suitable for light rain conditions, but I would exercise caution in wet weather to protect the sensitive electronics.

Joyor design

Additionally, the build quality extends to the scooter’s frame, which feels sturdy and well-constructed. The deck provides ample space for riders to find their comfortable stance, and the handlebars offer a firm grip, ensuring a confident and secure riding experience.

VI. Performance and User Experience

The Joyor S-10 reaches its advertised speed of 37 mph. In all fairness, I reached 39 mph when it was fully charged. I would have reached 40 mph if I had weighed less than 200 pounds and it had not been windy. When I went at a speed of about 35 mph, I achieved a range of 22 miles. You would have to be going at 15 mph in standard mode (only using the back motor) in order to reach a 40-mile range as advertised.

top speed of the Joyor S-10

Additionally, the build quality extends to the scooter’s frame, which feels sturdy and well-constructed. The deck provides ample space for riders to find their comfortable stance, and the handlebars offer a firm grip, ensuring a confident and secure riding experience.

It is said that the IPX4 water resistance makes it suitable for use in light rain. Personally, I would avoid any precipitation as there is no real protection from water being permitted to enter the front of the scooter where its controller and battery are housed. Indeed, three screws suffice to removed the plastic that holds all electronics in place. It should also be noted that situated at the top of its deck is an open port through which cables can pass; I won’t take my chances by riding it when there’s a chance of rain, thus risking moisture getting into its battery or controller. All in all, I’d recommend steering clear of rain altogether.

VII. Safety and Security Features 

The Joyor S-10S incorporates various safety features, including a system preventing unintentional acceleration, a front headlight providing adequate visibility, and a tail light acting as a brake indicator. However, its small wheels may pose a challenge for securing it in public areas.To enhance security, consider using a robust, dedicated scooter lock when leaving it unattended in public spaces. This precaution can offer an added layer of protection against potential theft.

joyor safety

VIII. Customer Service

The scooter comes with a 2-year limited warranty for electric components and a 12-month/2000 km warranty for the battery. While the warranty is comprehensive, reaching customer service can be challenging, earning it a rating of 5 out of 10.

To potentially expedite the customer service process, consider registering your scooter with Joyor upon purchase. This step may streamline communication in case you need to avail of the warranty or require assistance with any issues.

IX. Value for Money

The Joyor S-10S offers exceptional value for money, providing an impressive range and acceleration. Compared to competitors in a similar price range, it outperforms in both speed and distance, making it a standout choice.

Furthermore, the scooter’s energy-efficient design translates to cost savings in the long run. With its impressive range, you’ll find yourself charging less frequently compared to scooters with shorter battery life.

X. Tire Changing

Changing the tires requires a special 18mm wrench, available from TODIMART. Careful handling is crucial to avoid misplacing components during the process.

18mm S Series Scooter Wrench
18mm S Series Scooter Wrench

Additionally, it’s recommended to conduct routine tire maintenance, such as checking for proper inflation and examining treads for wear and tear. This practice can prolong the lifespan of your scooter’s tires and ensure optimal performance.

Start by unscrewing the black caps on either side of the tire with a screwdriver. To remove the rim and tire, grab your wrench and start loosening the bolts. Be aware that there are multiple components in this assembly – nut, washer, locking safety washer, spacer – and take care not to drop them as it can become a nightmare to reassemble everything. When you’ve got it loose enough, finish unscrewing with your hands before pushing out the axle. Replace the tube with a new one then put the assembly back together carefully.

XI. Riding Experience and Comfort

The Joyor S-10S offers a remarkably comfortable ride, thanks to its shock-absorbing pneumatic air tires and well-designed suspension system. Even on uneven urban surfaces, the scooter provides a smooth and enjoyable experience, minimizing jolts and vibrations.

Moreover, the scooter’s ergonomic design ensures a comfortable riding posture. The adjustable handlebar height allows riders of various sizes to find their ideal position, reducing strain on the wrists and back during extended rides.

XII. Battery Management and Efficiency

The Joyor S-10S excels in battery management, utilizing advanced lithium technology to deliver an impressive range. The high-capacity batteries provide consistent power output, maintaining performance throughout the duration of a ride.

For optimal battery life, it’s recommended to avoid full discharge cycles and store the scooter in a cool, dry environment when not in use. Regularly charging the battery after each use can also help prolong its lifespan.

XIII. Customization and Additional Accessories

Joyor offers a range of customizable options and additional accessories to enhance your riding experience. From adjustable seats for added comfort to smartphone mounts for convenient navigation, there are various options to tailor the scooter to your specific preferences and needs.

Consider exploring these accessories to further personalize your Joyor S-10S and maximize its utility for your daily commute or recreational rides.


  • Strong acceleration with a powerful, brushless DC motor
  • The electric motor produces a satisfying sound.
  • The neck is height-adjustable and can be folded using a lever.
  • The gear shifting is remarkably smooth.
  • It features a rear disc brake, ensuring faster, more reliable, and controlled braking.
  • It boasts 10″ shock-absorbing, rubber-elastic, pneumatic air tires.
  • The scooter is water-resistant to IPX4 standards, as confirmed by Joyor support, allowing it to withstand water splashes from any angle and light rain. The manual advises avoiding water deeper than 1″. However, I will avoid driving it in rain altogether.
  • The product comes with a 2-year warranty.


Although, S10 S is a great scooter, it has few cons too.

  • Despite the manufacturer’s claim of having an “ultra-bright 1.1W headlight with a range of up to 20 meters (65.6 feet),” the headlight does not provide very bright illumination.
  • Inflating the 10-inch wheels with a full-sized bike pump can be frustrating due to the limited space between the rim and the tire valve. It requires significant effort to connect and disconnect the pump.
  • The included instructions for operating the scooter are quite basic and do not cover all aspects of its functionality.
  • The scooter’s manual and the manufacturer’s website do not mention whether the scooter is water-resistant for riding in the rain or waterproof for accidental immersion in water. However, Joyor support confirmed that it has an IPX4 water resistance rating. However, you should avoid rain as there are too many open sites for water to cause damage.

XIV. Conclusion

In conclusion, the Joyor S-10S Electric Scooter impresses with its combination of speed, range, and convenience. While its sleek design and robust specifications make it an attractive choice, it truly shines in urban environments where its smooth ride and agile handling come to the forefront. The scooter’s safety features add an extra layer of assurance for riders, and its portability ensures easy storage and transportation. Despite some minor considerations regarding customer service accessibility and specific weather conditions, the overall value proposition is outstanding. The Joyor S-10S stands as a testament to quality craftsmanship and innovation in the electric scooter market, offering a compelling option for both commuting and recreational use. With its exceptional performance, this scooter has left me thoroughly satisfied and eager to explore the cityscape with every ride.

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