A Comprehensive Guide: Electric Scooter Locks

Electric scooters are light and easy to steal, so they require locking mechanisms. However, there is a wide variety of locks available on the market, making it difficult for the customer to decide which one to choose.This comprehensive  guide: electric scooter locks will not only tell you about the 7 best electric scooter locks available in the market, but also about various other ways to keep your electric scooter secure.

I. How Electric Scooter Research is Conducted and Supported

Research on electric scooters is becoming increasingly important as electric scooter usage continues to rise in order to develop safer and more efficient models. We will examine how electric scooter research is conducted and supported in this section. In this section, we will discuss the methods, resources, and institutions involved in electric scooter research.

Academic Research

Various aspects of electric scooter research are explored by universities and research centers. These range from battery technology to safety features and urban mobility patterns.

Engineering, transportation, and urban planning professors, researchers, and graduate students lead research projects. Results of the research are often published in scientific journals or presented at conferences. They undergo rigorous peer review by experts in the field to ensure credibility and reliability.

Research and Development in Industry

Aside from academic research, the electric scooter industry itself invests heavily in research and development (R&D). This enhances scooter design, performance, and user experience.

During testing of new scooter models, manufacturers develop prototypes and evaluate performance, durability, and safety. These tests may include stress testing, battery life analysis, and quality assurance checks. Research in the scooter industry focuses on enhancing scooter functionality, user interface, connectivity, and energy efficiency. It is common for industrial designers, engineers, and user experience specialists to collaborate.

As part of these research efforts, the aim is to improve battery technology, such as increasing power density, reducing charging times, and extending battery life. By working closely with regulatory bodies and government agencies, electric scooter companies ensure reliable performance and address range limitations. Safety standards, compliance guidelines, and regulations for scooter design and operation are established as a result of collaborative research.

As a result of academic research, industry-led innovations, and collaborative efforts, electric scooters continue to develop. This leads to safer, more efficient, and environmentally friendly modes of urban transportation.

II. 7 of the Top Mechanical Anti-theft Scooter Locks to Consider

1. Kryptonite Keeper 785 ($39)

Protect your scooter from theft with the Kryptonite Keeper 785. This chain lock features 7mm four-sided chain links made from Kryptonite’s durable 3T manganese steel. Patent-pending end link design eliminates critical vulnerabilities, providing added security. The hardened deadbolt design ensures extra holding power, while the high-
security disc-style cylinder resists picking and drilling attempts. With a weather-resistant nylon sleeve to prevent scratches and a compact coiling design for easy carrying, the Kryptonite Keeper 785 offers practicality alongside its robust security features.

This Kryptonite chain lock weighs 1.59 kg. It is available in three new colors: grey, red, and purple, adding a touch of style to your scooter security. With its sturdy construction, reliable performance, and compact design, the Kryptonite Keeper 785 is a recommended choice for those looking for a trustworthy scooter lock.

Applying this lock to your electric scooter is quite easy. You just have to look for support which can be a pole or some other strong thing. Then tightly wrap Kryptonite Keeper 785 around the frame of your scooter or pass it through its tire and then close the lock after tying it with the support.

 2. SIGTUNA Bike Lock ($50)

The SIGTUNA Bike Lock is an award-winning anti-theft lock designed to provide extensive security and protection for your ride. It is constructed with 16mm high-performance steel, offering outstanding resistance against cutting and leverage attacks. The lock has an impressive security rating of 85/100. It features a high-security disc-style cylinder and double deadbolt locking mechanism certified to deter leverage attacks effectively. By choosing SIGTUNA, you can have peace of mind knowing that your scooter is well-protected. 

SIGTUNA stands behind its product with a 100% money-back guarantee, ensuring your satisfaction. The lock is made of high-quality materials, including vinyl, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), and steel, ensuring its strength and reliability. It comes in a stylish yellow color and includes two stainless-steel keys. The SIGTUNA Bike Lock is suitable for men and offers a long size, making it an excellent choice for riders who prioritize security and peace of mind.

Installing the SIGTUNA Bike Lock

For installing a U-lock bracket on your electric scooter, select a suitable spot on your scooter. Consider accessibility and ensure it doesn’t interfere with your riding. Then use the provided screws and a screwdriver to securely attach the bracket to the scooter frame. Make sure it is tightened to prevent movement while riding. Before inserting your U-lock into the bracket, check if it fits properly. The lock should fit snugly without being too loose or tight. Adjust the bracket if necessary. Once you’re satisfied with the fit, place the U-lock into the bracket and ensure it is secure. Give it a gentle shake or tug to confirm it won’t fall out while riding.

Whereas for securing your electric scooter using this lock, find a secure rack or pole, which cannot be easily ripped out of the ground, to lock your scooter to. Then attach the hardened steel U-lock to the pole through the frame of your scooter. A cable may be secured through U-lock and around the wheel.

3. ABUS Granit X-Plus 540 ($90)

The ABUS Granit X-Plus 540 is a top-of-the-line bicycle lock renowned for its unbeatable security. It has a security rating of 15 out of 15, providing maximum protection for high-quality bicycles in urban settings.

The lock features a strong square parabolic shackle made of special temper-hardened steel. It offers exceptional resistance against cutting, sawing, and other attacks. Its shackle height of 11.8 inches ensures ample space for securing your scooter effectively. The lock also includes a USH bracket for convenient attachment.

The lock’s double bolting shackle/lock body system, along with its high-quality stainless steel construction, ensures robust resistance against tampering and attacks. The lock comes with two keys, one of which is equipped with an LED light for easy use in low-light conditions. With its impressive security features and convenient usability, the ABUS Granit X-Plus 540 is the ultimate choice for those seeking the best bicycle security.

It is secured with a clamp that screws on an available tube. You slip the receiving end of the lock in the bracket to align with a hole where your U-lock will insert.

4. Viking Bike Lock Chain ($90)

The Viking Bike Lock Chain is the ultimate heavy-duty security solution for electronic scooters. It has a Sold Secure Gold rating of 17/18, offering maximum protection against theft attempts, including cutting, drilling, and saw attacks. The lock features a patented magnetic closure, ensuring secure and easy locking without the need for force or pressure. It has been rigorously tested to withstand various real-life attack strategies and is equipped with automotive-level safe keys for enhanced security. The lock’s neoprene and silicone cover provides additional protection to the scooter frame. While the automatic keyhole shutter ensures the lock remains weatherproof and free from damage.

With its durable construction and rust-resistant finish, the Viking Bike Lock Chain offers professional-grade security for your beloved scooter. With its automatic keyhole shutter and automotive standard keys, this lock provides convenience and high-level security. Whether for outdoor or indoor use, the Viking Bike Lock Chain delivers heavy-duty protection, making it the ultimate choice for electronic scooters.

Applying Viking Bike Lock Chain to your electric scooter is not a complicated process. You just have to look for support which can be a pole or some other strong thing that cannot be removed from the ground easily. Then tightly wrap Viking Bike Lock Chain around the frame of your scooter or pass it through its tire and then close the lock after tying it with the support.

5. Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit Mini Lock & Light Bundle ($132)

It is a top-tier choice for electric scooter security. It features an 18mm hardened max-performance steel shackle, double deadbolt locking, and a high-security disc-style cylinder. This combination provides exceptional resistance against cutting, leverage, and tampering attempts. The lock also offers convenience and durability with its protective vinyl coating. Additionally, kryptonite’s key safe program and anti-theft protection offer further enhance its value, making it a highly recommended option.

Kryptonite also offers the Kryptonite Comet F100 Front LED & R100 Rear LED Bicycle Indicator Lights. These lights provide bright and long-lasting illumination, are easy to install, and have a durable construction. By choosing Kryptonite, you can ensure the security of your electric scooter while also lighting your way during rides.

Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit Mini Lock is secured with a clamp that screws on an available tube. You slip the receiving end of the lock in the bracket to align with a hole where your U-lock will insert and thus your electric scooter becomes safe from theft.

6.Mason Bike U Lock ($226)

The Mason Bike U Lock by Seatylock is a lightweight yet highly secure locking solution for outdoor and urban cycling. It boasts the distinction of being the lightest Diamond Sold Secure U lock in its size category. It offers maximum portability without compromising on professional-grade protection. This lock features patented triangular crossbars with a double deadbolt mechanism, providing exceptional resistance against cutting and theft attempts. Its rust-prevention coating and components contribute to long-lasting durability. The Mason Bike U Lock stands out with its double-thickness protective plates, combining lightweight design with top-notch security.

This lock is designed for convenient use and portability, perfect for outdoor and urban cycling. Its compact size and lightweight construction make it easy to carry while providing reliable security. With its automatic keyhole shutter, the lock remains protected against dirt, dust, rain, and other weather conditions. It offers a cutting-edge design that combines lightweight design and maximum security. This Seatylock U-lock provides the ultimate anti-theft device to keep your scooter safe and secure.

To lock your electric scooter using this lock, open it with a key, and pass the U-lock through the frame of the scooter or its tire depending on the space available. Then close the lock and take out the key from the lock. 

7. Altor SAF Lock ($299)

The Altor SAF Lock is a groundbreaking scooter lock designed to resist angle grinders, making it the world’s first angle grinder-resistant lock. It features a patented SAF Tech shackle design that offers superior protection against both angle grinders and conventional attacks. The lock also includes a double-locking crossbar and a high-security disc-detainer lock mechanism. With a total weight of 6.0 kg, this lock provides substantial physical security. 

The double-locking crossbar and high-security disc detainer lock mechanism further enhance the lock’s security measures. The Altor SAF Lock is an innovative and reliable solution for people seeking unparalleled security for their scooters, backed by its exceptional construction.

III. Factors to Consider When Selecting the Lock

When selecting a lock that is right for you, there are several factors to consider. These factors will help ensure that you choose a lock that provides optimal security and meets your specific needs. Here are some key factors to consider:

A. Security Level

Look for locks that have a high-security rating or are independently certified by reputable organizations such as Sold Secure. Consider the lock’s resistance to cutting, picking, drilling, and other tampering methods.

B. Lock Type

Choose a lock type that suits your preference and the specific requirements of your scooter. Common types include U-locks (such as ABUS Granit XPlus 540 and SIGTUNA Bike Lock), chain locks (such as Viking Bike Lock Chain), and folding locks (such as INOKIM folding lock shown in picture). Each type has its advantages and disadvantages in terms of security, weight, and flexibility.

C. Material and Construction

Check the lock’s material and construction quality. Look for locks made from hardened steel or alloy (such as Altor SAF Lock), as these materials offer better resistance against cutting and attacks. Pay attention to the lock’s durability and weatherproofing to ensure it can withstand outdoor conditions.

D. Size and Weight

Consider the lock’s size and weight to your transportation needs. If you plan to carry the lock with you, choose a lightweight and compact option that is easy to transport (Such as Kryptonite Keeper 785). However, keep in mind that larger locks (such as ABUS Granit XPlus 540) often provide more security due to their increased size and strength.

E. Key or Combination

Decide whether you prefer a traditional key-operated lock (such as Viking Bike Lock Chain) or a combination lock (such as Lakkit Scooter cable lock, shown in the picture). Key-operated locks offer convenience but require you to keep track of the keys. Combination locks eliminate the need for keys but require you to remember the combination.

F. Additional Features

Look for locks with additional features that enhance convenience and security. These may include LED lights on keys (such as in Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit Mini Lock), protective coatings to prevent scratches (such as protective vinyl coating in Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit Mini Lock), mounting brackets for easy transportation (such as in ABUS Granit XPlus 540), or anti-theft protection programs offered by the manufacturer (such as Anti-Theft Protection Offer by Kryptonite).

G. Price

Consider your budget when selecting a lock. While it’s important to invest in a high-quality lock, it’s also essential to find a balance between price and the level of security and features you require. Check out our table for more information.

IV. How To Lock an Electric Scooter Effectively

Locking an electric scooter effectively is crucial to prevent theft and ensure its security. Here are some steps to follow to lock your electric scooter effectively:

A. Choose a Sturdy Lock

Select a high-quality lock that is specifically designed for electric scooters or bicycles. Examples of sturdy locks include U-locks, chain locks, or folding locks. Look for locks made from hardened steel and with a high-security rating. For instance, a heavy-duty U-lock made of hardened steel, such as the Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit U-lock, offers excellent security for electric scooters.

B. Secure the Frame

Identify a sturdy object to lock your scooter to, such as a bike rack, pole, or fence. Ensure that the object is securely fixed to the ground and cannot be easily cut or removed.

C. Lock the Frame and Wheel

Identify a strong object to lock your scooter to, such as a bike rack, pole, or fence. Ensure that the object is securely fixed to the ground and cannot be easily cut or removed. For example, you can lock your electric scooter to a well-anchored bike rack in a public area or a sturdy pole securely installed as shown in the picture.

D. Secure Removable Parts

If your electric scooter has removable parts, such as the battery or display, consider securing them separately. Remove and take them with you if possible or use an additional lock or cable to secure them to the scooter’s frame. For example, you can use a secondary cable lock to secure the battery pack or detachable display unit to the scooter’s frame, ensuring they are not easily removed.

E. Avoid Ground Clearance

When locking your scooter, make sure there is minimal ground clearance to prevent thieves from easily maneuvering or removing the lock. Avoid leaving excessive slack in the lock or placing it too close to the ground.

F. Choose a Well-Lit and Visible Location

When locking your scooter, make sure there is minimal ground clearance to prevent thieves from easily maneuvering or removing the lock. Avoid leaving excessive slack in the lock or placing it too close to the ground. For instance, when using a chain lock, ensure that it is tightly wrapped around the frame and wheel without any excess slack (as shown in the picture), making it difficult for thieves to pry or cut it.

G. Double-Check the Lock

Before leaving your electric scooter, double-check that the lock is securely fastened and cannot be easily tampered with. Ensure there is no excessive play or slack in the lock that could make it vulnerable to attacks.

Remember, no lock is entirely foolproof, but following these steps will significantly increase the security of your electric scooter and deter potential thieves.

V. Finding a Secure Public Area to Park Electric Scooter

Finding a secure public area to park your electric scooter is essential to minimize the risk of theft or damage. Here are some tips to help you identify a safe parking spot:

A. Well-Lit and Busy Areas

Look for public areas that are well-lit and have high foot traffic. Choose locations near popular establishments, busy streets, or areas with security cameras. Thieves are less likely to target scooters in well-populated areas.

B. Designated Parking Spaces

Many cities and urban areas have designated parking spaces or racks specifically for bicycles and scooters. These areas often have additional security measures in place, such as CCTV cameras or security patrols. Utilize these designated spots whenever possible.

C. Avoid Obstructing Pedestrian Traffic

Be considerate when parking your scooter and avoid obstructing sidewalks, building entrances, or ramps meant for pedestrians. Keep in mind that your scooter should not create any inconvenience or safety hazards for others.

D. Covered Parking Areas

If you can find a covered or indoor parking area, it provides an added layer of protection against theft and weather damage. Covered parking areas can include parking garages, bike shelters, or public transportation stations.

E. Security Cameras and Guards

Look for public areas equipped with security cameras or those patrolled by security guards. These measures can act as a deterrent to potential thieves and provide a safer environment for parking your scooter.

F. Check Local Regulations

Familiarize yourself with local regulations and policies regarding scooter parking. Some cities may have specific rules or restrictions on where you can park electric scooters. Adhering to these guidelines ensures you are parking your scooter legally and responsibly.

Remember, even in secure parking areas, it is crucial to lock your electric scooter properly using a high-quality lock.

VI. Additional Security Measures for Electric Scooters

In addition to using a lock, there are several additional security measures you can take to enhance the safety of your electric scooter:

A. GPS Tracking

Consider investing in a GPS tracking device specifically designed for electric scooters. These devices can be discreetly installed on your scooter and allow you to track its location in real time through a mobile app. In the event of theft, this can greatly assist in recovering your scooter.

B. Remove Valuables

Whenever you leave your electric scooter unattended, remove any valuable accessories or items that can be easily detached. This includes removable batteries, displays, or bags. Taking them with you reduces the incentive for thieves to target your scooter.

C. Use Multiple Locks

Utilize multiple locks of different types to secure your electric scooter. For example, you can combine a sturdy U-lock with a cable lock or chain lock. This adds an extra layer of security and makes it more difficult for thieves to bypass all the locks.

D. Park in View of Surveillance Cameras

Whenever possible, park your scooter within the range of surveillance cameras. Thieves are less likely to target scooters in areas where they can be easily monitored and recorded.

E. Secure Components

Invest in additional security measures to protect individual components of your electric scooter, such as the battery. Some scooters have built-in mechanisms that allow you to lock or secure specific parts, making them more difficult to remove or tamper with.

F. Park in Visible Locations

Whenever possible, park your electric scooter in areas that are visible to the public and passersby. Thieves are less likely to target a scooter that can be easily seen and monitored by others.

G. Insure Your Scooter

Consider getting insurance coverage specifically for your electric scooter. This can provide financial protection in case of theft or damage.

Remember, no security measure is entirely foolproof, but by employing a combination of these measures, you can significantly reduce the risk of theft or unauthorized use of your electric scooter.

VII. Electronic theft deterrents

Electronic theft deterrents are advanced security measures designed to prevent theft and unauthorized access to your electric scooter. Here are some common electronic theft deterrents you can consider:

A. Alarm Systems

Install an alarm system on your electric scooter that triggers a loud siren or sound when tampering or unauthorized movement is detected. This alerts nearby individuals and deters potential thieves.

B. GPS Tracking Devices

Use a GPS tracking device specifically designed for electric scooters. These devices allow you to track the real-time location of your scooter through a mobile app or website. In case of theft, you can provide the location information to law enforcement for recovery.

C. Remote Locking and Unlocking

Some electric scooters come with remote locking and unlocking capabilities. With a key fob or smartphone app, you can remotely lock or unlock your scooter, adding an extra layer of security.

D. Keyless Entry Systems

A Comprehensive Guide: Electric Scooter Locks

Keyless entry systems replace traditional key-based ignition with digital keypads or proximity sensors. These systems require a unique code or proximity token to start the scooter, making it difficult for thieves to operate without proper authorization.

E. Biometric Security

Biometric security features, such as fingerprint or facial recognition, can be integrated into electric scooters. These technologies ensure that only authorized individuals can access and operate the scooter.

F. Anti-Tamper Sensors

Install anti-tamper sensors that detect any attempts to forcefully open or manipulate the scooter. These sensors can trigger alarms, immobilize the scooter, or send alerts to the owner’s smartphone.

G. Smartphone Connectivity

Some electric scooters offer smartphone connectivity, allowing you to control and monitor the scooter remotely. Through a dedicated app, you can check battery status, receive theft alerts, and disable the scooter if necessary.

H. Secure Digital Locking Systems

Digital locking systems use encrypted codes or digital keys to secure the scooter. These systems often have complex algorithms and encryption methods to prevent unauthorized access.

When considering electronic theft deterrents, it’s important to choose reputable brands and manufacturers that offer reliable and secure systems. 

8. New Developments in Electric Scooters

One significant development in electric scooters is the advancement in battery technology, allowing for longer ranges on a single charge. Manufacturers have been working on improving battery efficiency and capacity, enabling riders to travel longer distances without recharging.

Moreover, electric scooters have been getting more powerful, with higher wattage motors and increased top speeds. This allows for faster acceleration and improved performance, catering to riders who desire a more exhilarating experience.

Portability and convenience are essential for electric scooter users. Manufacturers have been developing scooters with innovative folding mechanisms, allowing them to be easily folded and carried or stored in compact spaces. These designs cater to riders who need to commute or travel with their scooters.

Further, some electric scooters are now equipped with connectivity options such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, enabling riders to connect their scooters to smartphones or other devices. This connectivity allows for firmware updates, personalized settings, and even integration with navigation apps for better route planning.

This article has provided you with all the information you need to make your electric scooter safe. It is time to buy a lock that best meets your requirements. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1Q: What is the best type of lock for an electric scooter?

A: The best type of lock for an electric scooter often depends on your specific needs, but U-locks and chain locks are generally seen as the most secure.

2Q: How can I securely lock my electric scooter?

A: You can securely lock your electric scooter by securing both the wheels and the frame to an immovable object with a high-quality lock.

3Q: What are the main features to look for in an electric scooter lock?

A: The main features to look for in an electric scooter lock include strength, durability, weight, size, and additional security features like alarm systems or keyless entries.

4Q: How do I install a lock on my electric scooter?

A: Most locks can be installed by threading them through the scooter’s wheel and around a secure object. Always check the manufacturer’s instructions for specific installation guidelines.

5Q: What are the advantages and disadvantage of using a chain lock versus a U-lock?

A: A chain lock is flexible and can be wrapped around various objects but might be heavier. A U-lock is often more robust but needs a suitable object of the right size to secure the scooter.

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