Reviewing Razor E-Scooter Models

 In this article on a review of some of the better Razor e-scooter models, I  describe to you some of the different features and their pros and cons.   Since Razors came out in 2003, they have made many different models, so you can bet they have an experience stack on electric scooters. 

Their scooters are reliable, trustworthy, and safe for use. However, being prolific producers, they have more than a dozen models in the market currently. And there is more to come making keeping up with the models confusing. 

This is why we dived into research to test and analyze them. In this article, you will find 8 of the best electric scooters so you can easily make your choice. Let us get down to this.

Here is a summary of their specifications at a glance.

1. Razor E100 Electric Scooter Model Review

If you are looking for the best scooter to start your kid in the world of scooter riding, this is it. The Razor E100 is packed with features that kids can find appealing. First, is its cool sleek colorful design that kids get excited about.

But it is not all about sleekness. The engine is propelled by a 100w mortar powered by a 12v battery, producing a 10 mph top speed. Of course, that is a lower speed compared to other models we will see here. 

But depending on the age, that is more than enough to thrill your kid as they ride around the neighborhood blocks. If you want to excite your kid, this is the scooter you want for them.


  • Moderate speeds for kids
  • Sleek model design
  • Durable pneumatic tires


  • Low battery range

2. Razor Ecosmart Metro Scooter Model Review

Razor Eco Smart, is an excellent electric scooter equipped with a generous array of features. The scooter is truly eco-friendly judging by its construction which includes comfy nature-inspired bamboo material seats. 

However, the Eco-smart Metro is not all about nature inspiration. It can cruise at electrifying speeds too! Powered by a 500w mortar, the powerful monster can reach up to 18 mph, with a range of 12 miles.

You can opt for a chain-driven or hub drive, whichever suits you. The hub option is less powerful though as it runs on a 350w mortar. For convenience, it is equipped with a luggage basket for carrying your grocery or other items. If you are looking for a real thrill, this electric scooter surely fits your style. 


  • Eco-friendly design
  • Cargo basket
  • Powerful motors for fast speeds


  • Long battery charging time

3. Razor Powercore E90 Review 

Kids simply love this scooter model, and it is easy to see why. The Powercore E90 averages 22 pounds making it one of the lightest scooters in this review. Depending on the age of the child, lightweight scooters might be the best for the rider’s safety. 

And at a top speed of 10mph, their speeds are moderate too, making them enjoy the ride safely. Speaking of safety, the easy-to-use brakes help in safely controlling the scooter as they enjoy their ride. 

The scooter runs on a 90-watt mortar getting powered-juiced by a 12v battery with an 80-minute run time. Of course, this is more than enough for your kids to have uninterrupted playtime. 


  • Long-range battery for long ride time
  • Variety of colors for kids
  • Moderate speeds for safety
  • Easy-to-use brake for control


  • Small wheels

4. Razor E Prime III Electric Scooter Review of Models

The E Prime 3 has curved out its name among the most performing electric scooters in the market.

For starters, it runs on a 250w motor providing speeds of 18mph. We know the motor power could be better, but it provides fantastic performance. It runs on a 5200mAh Li-ion battery, with a 15 miles range when charged fully over 6-8 hours.

To add to these features, the electric scooter model is compact, and lightweight which is great for portability and storage. This is an electric scooter for anyone looking for a fresh and versatile model.


  • Lightweight for portability and storage
  • Long battery range
  • Strong aluminum alloy for durability


  • Not powerful for offroad riding

5. Razor E Prime Air Electric Scooter Review 

The E Prime Air is an iconic model that kids will enjoy riding. One of its stand-out features is its sleek design giving it a cool look. Alongside this, is a sturdy aluminum frame for durability, and pneumatic tires for smooth ride.

The vehicle uses a thumb-accelerated throttle to accelerate, with a 15 mph top speed. While this might not be favorable for small kids, teens will find it electrifying. Not to mention the battery has a range of 7.5 miles runaround time. If you are looking for an ideal gift for your teen, grab this one today.


  • Aluminum frame for portability
  • Thumb-activated throttle for easy control
  • 8” pneumatic tires for comfort


  • Not well suitable for off-road riding

6. Razor E200 Electric Scooter Review of Models 

The E-200 is another unputdownable electric scooter for your kid. The cool thing is built on sturdy steel construction for durability and safety. 

On this frame is a 200w mortar that can top at 12 mph speed, accelerated using a twist throttle. Its power juice comes from a 24v rechargeable battery, with a range of 50 minutes.

And with easy-to-use hand-operated brakes, controlling is a breeze. Additionally, the Razor  E-200 is a versatile vehicle. You can ride on all types of terrains while supporting up to 154 pounds including adults within that weight range. Furthermore, the seat is removable for riding when standing.


  • Uses quiet motor
  • Removable seat for adaptability
  • Strong steel for durability


  • Long charging time

7. Razor Pocket Mod Electric Scooter Review

Your kid will be blown away by this unique design. The Razor Pocket Mod Electric Scooter has a vintage European scooter look, making it cool for kids that love unique designs. This is certainly the most unique of all the Razor model reviews thus far. 

Additionally, it is colorful; a favorite design for girls. However, it doesn’t exclude boys from having fun with it too! 

It can accelerate at 15 mph raising the excitement a notch higher, on a 40-minute range battery, sufficient for kids ‘ enjoyment.

The other cool thing is, with a spacious under-seat compartment, she can tag along her items; refreshments, wallet, or keys. Razor Pocket Mod is an excellent gift for your kids. 


  • Stylish vintage look
  • Hidden storage compartment
  • Comfortable padded seat


  • Long charge time of 12 hours

8. Razor Trikke E2 Electric Scooter Review

The Razor Trikke E-2 is probably one of the most unique electric scooters we have reviewed. Designed for kids from ages 6 to 12 years, it features three wheels to enhance stability. Not to mention the wheels are 6” urethane solid to ease maintenance.

As can be expected, it is not designed for speeding. But at 9mph, it is still enjoyable for kids in that age bracket. Control is easy with simple acceleration throttle and simple effective brakes. For one of the safest, and easy-to-use electric scooters for your small kid, this is it.


  • Unique colorful look
  • Improved balance
  • Affordable 


  • Not easy to carry and store

Final Thoughts

This Reviewing Razor E-Scooter Models article demonstrated that Razor is a tremendous brand for kids and teenage electric scooters. However, without guidance, it can be difficult to tell them apart in terms of performance, features, their pros and cons. Hence why we have selected the all-time best models to make your purchase decision easy. Picking any of the models will be a wise decision to make your kid happy.


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