Qiewa Power2 vs. Dualtron Ultra 2

“I have $2,500 to spend on an off-road electric scooter. The Qiewa Q-Power 2 vs. the Dualtron Ultra 2, which one should I go with?”

I received this email from one of our readers just recently.

To try and answer him, I decided to write a detailed guide that compares these two off-roading beasts. So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

Qiewa Q-Power2 vs. Dualtron Ultra 2 Comparison

Manufacturer Specs Qiewa Q-Power2 Dualtron Ultra 2
Price $2,299 $3,990
Max Rider Weight 620 lbs 330 lbs
Weight 101 lbs 88 lbs
Top Speed 60 mph 60. mph
Range 90 mi 87 mi
Brakes Hydraulic Disc160mm Rotors Hydraulic Disc with ABS
Tires 11” PneumaticOff-Road Tires (Tubeless) 11” Pneumatic

Off-Road Tires (Tubeless)

Suspension Dual Adjustable /Swappable Rubber Suspension Dual Adjustable /

Swappable Rubber


Lights Front: Low-mounted LEDRear: Low-mounted LED

LED swag lighting

Front: High-mounted LED

Rear: Low-mounted LED

LED swag lighting

Motor 6000W Dual Hub 6640W Dual Hub
Battery 60V 40AH Li-ion battery pack 18650 72V 35Ah LG M50LT-21700
Folded Length 50” 48”
Folded Width 26” 13”
Folded Height 19” 21”


Predictably, the Q-Power2 comes in as the more affordable pick in this comparison, with prices ranging between $2,200 and $2,400. In contrast, the Dualtron Ultra 2 sits at nearly double that price, hovering around $4,000.

What’s interesting though is that this significant price gap doesn’t necessarily result in higher speed or longer range, as you’ll discover later on. This means you could opt to save well over $1,500 without sacrificing performance.

Top speed

When it comes to top speed, both the Qiewa Q-Power2 and Dualtron Ultra 2 share an official maximum of 60 mph. However, I can tell you from owning a Q-Power2 myself, that the scooter rarely reaches those speeds. Indeed, most of the riders state that they manage to hit around 45-48 mph at best.

On the other hand, Dualtron Ultra 2 users have claimed speeds as high as 62 mph, which is quite remarkable.

This difference in performance can likely be attributed to the more powerful motor of the Dualtron Ultra 2 that produces 6,640W compared to the Q-Power2’s 6,000W.

So, if you are a speed junkie, the Dualtron Ultra 2 would be the more preferable choice for you.


The Qiewa Q-Power2 pulls ahead of the Ultra 2 in this regard. With a remarkable 90-mile range on a single charge, it outperforms the Ultra 2, which offers a still commendable advertised range of 87 miles.


The Q-Power2 outclasses the Ultra 2 with its larger battery, which directly correlates to the extended range we mentioned earlier. Sporting a 40Ah Li-ion battery pack, it packs a whopping 2,400 Wh. at 60V.

In comparison, the Ultra 2 features a 32Ah LG 3200 battery that delivers a respectable capacity of 1,920 Wh., also at 60V.


The off-road scooter space has some of the heaviest scooters around, so it’s not surprising to see how much both Qiewa Q-Power2 and the Dualtron Ultra 2 weigh.

That being said, the Ultra 2 is lighter and more compact compared to its counterpart. When folded, it measures 48” x 13” x 21”, with a weight of 88 lbs.

On the other hand, the Qiewa Q-Power2, while still reasonably portable, weighs slightly more at 101 lbs. and measures 50” x 26” x 19” in when folded.

Weight limit

With an astonishing weight limit of 620 lbs., the Q-Power2 surpasses anything we’ve witnessed so far – and believe it we’ve seen and reviewed tens of scooters. To put this into perspective, it can effortlessly accommodate three, maybe even four adults without breaking a sweat. Of course, this is not recommended for safety reasons.

With this load limit, the scooter can handle it all, whether you need to carry a heavy backpack, haul grocery bags, or even attach a sizable shopping basket.

On the other hand, the Ultra 2 holds its own with a weight limit of 330 lbs., which is still decent considering most scooters typically fall in the range of 220-265 lbs.


Both Qiewa Q-Power2 and Dualtron Ultra 2 have done a great job of ensuring rider safety, although the latter holds a slight advantage in this aspect. Here’s how the two compare:

The Q-Power2 comes equipped with full hydraulic disc brakes on the front and rear, along with an anti-lock braking system (ABS). It also features LED chassis lights, tail lights, and a humongous LED headlight – easily the biggest we’ve seen in a scooter.

However, some users have complained that this headlight adds unnecessary weight to the scooter, and its brightness does not even match the size.

On the other hand, the Dualtron Ultra 2 offers stem lighting, a bright dual LED headlight, taillight, and a brake light.

For braking, it comes fitted with 160 mm front and rear disc brakes with ABS for enhanced stopping power that befits the super-quick scooter it is.

Qiewa Q-Power2 Pros and Cons


  • Excellent speed and range
  • Decent ride quality on rough terrain
  • Eye-catching design especially at night with swag lights all over
  • Unbelievable load capacity


  • Poor build quality
  • Heavy and therefore unsuitable for daily commutes

Dualtron Ultra 2 Pros and Cons


  • Rugged build quality that justifies the high price tag
  • Incredible performance on both speed and range
  • Lighter than the Q-Power2 and most models in its class


  • Expensive – there’s no getting around the fact that dropping $4,000 for a scooter is not for everyone.
  • Wobbly stem – no surprises here as this is common in most Dualtron scooters.

Verdict: Qiewa Q-Power2 or Dualtron Ultra 2?

Well, the ball is now in your court. You’ll need to make a decision based on key differentiating factors like price, build quality and brand – for those keen on recognizable names.

We like the Qiewa Q-Power2 because it’s way cheaper while providing higher performance metrics than the Ultra 2. Its incredible load limit is a highlight feature too. However, we’d have loved to see the scooter 

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